How to use

Simple daily morning and nighttime routines with Sunnyselect basic skincare products!


  In the morning

Wash and clean face “Sunny Chocola lotion” “IMO Celeb Cream” “Sunny Rich 145(UV)”


That’s it! Simple steps!


  At Night

1.      Night routine starts with the same morning routine, washing and cleaning face except for applying “Sunny Rich 145 UV cream”.

“Sunny Rich 145 UV” protects your skin from the sun UV rays. You can skip UV cream at night.
Above simple routines can be applied to women of all ages.


Sunnyselect skincare products are suited and used for women from 20 years to 91years old, currently Sunnyselect’s customers are from 20 to 91 years old


  How is it possible?

  Because Sunnyselect understands the mechanism of declining look of women’s skin. Decrease of female hormone is one of the causes of aging skin and it starts after around women’s actual age of 30 years old. Sunnyselect’s cosmetics have the action on female hormones.


Therefore, women of all ages can use Sunnyselect’s skincare products.


Usually, many other cosmetics companies recommend you many skin products and procedures such as moisturizing cream and lotion in the morning and then at night for wrinkles on the eyes or to eliminate blemishes etc.

But Sunnyselect recommends only 2 skincare items.

In the morning, you just add “Sunny Rich 145(UV) “to your night-time skincare to protect your skin from UV rays.
Please consider trying our Sunnyselect skincare products once!

Sunnyselect’s skincare does not require powder or liquid foundation makeup so as concealers on your skin.
Skin can glow naturally; natural skin is the most beautiful.
With a lot of foundation applied on your skin, it will make you look older.

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