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Simple step skincare available by Sunnyselect

Sunnyselect provides aging-care cosmetics, esthetic haircare products for women who are worried about dullness and losing firmness of your skin due to dryness and sunburn UV-ray.

Why, is that so simple?


Here is an answer!

Usual basic skincare procedures are lotion and milky lotion in the morning and lotion and cream in the evening and moisturizing cream, deep moisture for dry skin, wrinkles on the eyes, dullness and there are many women who try various cosmetic items such as stem cells etc.


But, at Sunnyselect we recommend only the same 2 cosmetics items for morning and at night for the basic routine.

in addition, it is said that the human body needs 60 to 70% of water in our bodies.


Water and Oil can not be mixed.

Therefore, at least two type ingredients are required for basic cosmetic, and they are Water and Oil.

At Sunnyselect we recommend  2 cosmetics items, Sunny Lotion and IMO Celeb cream

Sunnyselect recommends IMO Celeb and Lotion, a simple skincare. This combination of two cosmetics items, IMO Celeb and Lotion, bring you a healthy skin which does not make you feel age. Sunnyselect recommends especially for women after 30 years old who tends to start feeling age on their skin.

For customers who are busy with work, nursing elders and taking care of children etc. we would like to try our skincare.

For women who looks for a simple skincare with a great result Sunnyselect recommends our simple steps with confidence. 

Sunnyselects proposes “bare skin beauty”, so there is no concealer or powder foundation required.

Skin with blemishes or spots, you can also apply concealer or powder foundation as you wish. 


In Japan you can experience our beauty treatments and try our cosmetics products at Sunnyselect’s esthetic salon.




URL   http://www.sunny-select.com


Sunnyselect sells only basic skincare products.