IMO-CELEB(Moisturizing cream)

Sunnyselect’s basic skincare is used among women with all ages regardless of their actual age.

You spend time in room with air-condition and If you have been trying many cosmetics products to improve dryness of your skin, Sunnyselect would like to introduce you our cosmetics with Pueraria Mirifica.


Currently, Sunnyselect cosmetics users are a wide range of ages (as of 2021, from 20 to 91 years old).

Our products are very popular since our establishment.
Popular among gentlemen as well. (^^♪


We educate our customers that dryness of our skin is the very starting point of aging skin.

Sunnyselect will send you samples with customer’s request.


If you wish us to send you the samples, please contact us using our contact form.

Q.What is the ”Pueraria Mirifica”?

About “Pueraria Mirifica” contained in IMO-CELEB! 

A leguminous plant that grows naturally in Myanmar and Thailand.

It is called “miracle potato” that supports women’s aging skin.

It is also called “the treasure for aging skin”.


IMO-CELEB and other Sunnyselect’s cosmetics are all “Made in Japan”.

IMO-CELEB’s listed price is 21,000 JPY (tax not included) in Japanese yen. It is long selling and long-loved cosmetics at Sunnyselect. 

Price of "IMO CELEB"

 21,000 JPY (tax not included)

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