Sunny-rich145(UV)   (30mg)

The list price is 18,000 yen (excluding tax) at the Japanese Yen price.


Contains Fullerene.

Fullerenes protects your skin from damage and work on age-damaged skin. Makes your skin brillant and lively.

A luxurious ingredient that has been scientifically proven for the skin.

The RS markproves a high-concentration and high-quality.  It has s strong “antioxidart ”. 

About Fullerene

Due to ultraviolet rayscigarette smoke, exhaust gas, stress, the active oxygen generated and attacks the subcutaneous tissue and results in sunbum

and aging which causes skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Fullerenes absorbs the active oxygen like a sponge . It has effect of erasing and detoxifying.

There are two things you should know about UV care.

Ultraviolet rays are present not only in midsummer, but all year round.

Being in the sun is important for receiving vitamin D.

However, at the same time, active oxygen is generated which is not good for your skin.

Therefore, UV care is necessary to protect your precious skin from UV rays.

Sun tanned skin tends to be dry and the barrier function of the skin is reduced.

When the barrier function is reduced,it become more susceptible to dryness and extemal hame.

It’s just like a dry sponge.

At night when you had a long day under the sun, your skin needs to be more moisturized than usual.

For ultraviolet rays that reach the ground, UV=A that reaches the dermis layer of your skin and UV=B that is absorbed by the epidermis and causes a red sunbum. When our skin is exposed to a lot of UVB, the epidemis is irritated, causing red inflammation and it causes bilisters.

and at the bottom of the epidermis, trying to protect the skin from the invasion of UV rays, there is a long amount of melanin pigment produced.

If it remains unmetabolized, it becomes a stain on our skin.

On the other hand, UVA is ultraviolet rays that reach the dermis layer of the skin, it destroys cellagen and elastin in our skin, and it causes wrinkies and sagging. 



Sunny-Rich 145(UV)    18,000JPY(tax not included)

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